Situation and medium-term forecast for

Issued 19th of May 2022

Situation and medium-term forecast

Grass pollen continues to cause intense allergenic burden!

Due to the current weather conditions throughout the country the grass species are developing at a fast pace and will therefore cause moderate to high burden in the second half of this week.

More severe allergenic burden is expected especially at areas where the grasses haven not been mowed yet. Currently orchard and meadow grass but also false oat-grass, brome grass and ryegrass are currently responsible for the grass pollen in the ambient air. This marks the start of the first peak pollination period of this year’s grass pollen season.

In addition to the grasses dock and plantain are flowering as well and may increase the allergenic burden for grass pollen allergy sufferers.

Birch pollen only rarely reaches concentrations that exceed the threshold for allergic symptoms.

Also, the above average flowering period of oak is slowly coming to an end. However, at some areas the pollen concentrations may still reach moderate levels, but a decreasing trend may already be observed.

The “Sulphur sediment” is noticeable: Yellow sediment can be found on water surfaces, smooth surfaces and window panes. This sediment derives now from conifer pollen, which may be annoying, but does not cause an allergic burden.

Fungal spores may cause first low levels of allergenic burden.

What else: The pollen spectrum contains pollen of sedges, horse chestnut, elderflower, cypresses and yews.

Responsible for the content: and the Department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology of the Medical University Vienna, Research group aerobiology and pollen information
Uwe E. Berger MBA, Mag. Maximilian Bastl PhD and Lukas Dirr MSc
medium-term forecast based on model and pollen data from Austria and surrounding countries
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weather data and today´s forecasts based synoptic data: ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik)
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The current pollen load for Austria

Legende: 1 = Low, 2 = Moderate, 3 = High, 4 = Very High

birch (Betula)

Sunday, 22. May
Monday, 23. May
Tuesday, 24. May

ash (Fraxinus)

Sunday, 22. May
Monday, 23. May
Tuesday, 24. May

plane tree (Platanus)

Sunday, 22. May
Monday, 23. May
Tuesday, 24. May
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