The symptom report by the Austrian Pollen Information Service

The symptom report is a new service by the Austrian Pollen Information Service of the Medical University Vienna. The symptom report visualizes for your doctor and you to which allergen you might be sensitized to. The symptom report compares your symptom data of the website/app to the corresponding pollen data of the chosen year.

IMPORTANT: The symptom report is NOT able to diagnose a pollen allergy. This report only assists your doctor in diagnosis. The symptom report is anonymized und does not contain any personal data. The symptom report is currently available in Austria and Germany in the languages German and English. Please follow these steps to download a personalized symptom report:

  1. Report your symptoms to our digital diary in the Pollen app or on
  2. Download the symptom report in the Pollen App or on

Pollen diary

Our pollen diary allows for recording symptoms digitally related to your pollen-allergy. This is possible on our website as well as on our “Pollen” App. We need as much pollen diary-entries as possible to create a symptom report for you. With a higher number of entries, it gets easier for your doctor to diagnose a potential pollen-allergy. Thereby, diary-entries outside of the pollen season are encouraged as well. You may compare your symptoms with the regional pollination of the most important pollen types and document your development of symptoms during a number of seasons. This way you easily manage to keep an eye on your allergy and to monitor the success of a therapy/treatment together with your doctor. As an additional benefit, pollen diary-entries enable your personalized pollen-forecast on our website as well as on our “Pollen” App

To the Pollen diary

Pollen App

You will benefit from all advantages of the pollen diary being mobile with our “Pollen” app. Document your symptoms comfortably on the move and use simultaneously (personalized) pollen information – all this and more is provided by the app. Our “Pollen” app is available for iOS and Android and by now distributed in various European countries and thus available in various languages.
Our forecasts are based on scientific evaluated pollen data and include also other important parameters such as weather and air quality. Therefore, we are the number one contact for precise and reliable pollen information.
Your symptom data is saved separately from your personal data as for the website of the pollen diary. All evaluations including the symptom report are performed anonymously. That way, we can grant maximum safety.

Scan this code with your mobile phone or click on it to download the app.

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