Situation and medium-term forecast for

Issued 21st of March 2019

Situation and medium-term forecast

The birch pollen season is imminent!
The readiness to flower will be attained by the first birch trees in thermical favoured regions, starting with the East and Southeast of Austria. The forecasted spring-like weather will favour the start of the flower with up to 20°C and sunshine. Therefore, the first low to moderate burden has to be expected before the conditions for pollination will be deteriorated due to the weather in the long run.
The readiness to flower of birch will be attained later by the end of march in other regions of Austria (see data on the readiness to flower and forecasts of the federal states!).

Hornbeam has started flowering in many places. Some birch pollen allergy sufferers might have noticed that due to cross-reaction.

Ash has started flowering in the lowlands and has burdened already. Moderate to high ash pollen concentrations have to be still expected.

Hazel and alder are only relevant in the mid altitude regions of Austria: A moderate to high burden is still possible there as long as conditions for pollination are favourable. Concerned pollen allergy sufferers may find relief in high-altitude regions above 1700 meters sea level.

What else: The pollen spectrum contains pollen from cypresses and yews, poplar, elm, willow and maple in addition, which is of a low allergological importance.

We expect the readiness to flower for birch inon
St. Pölten23.03.2019
Bozenready to flower

Forecast from 21.03.2019
Note: The model results give an indication of the expected start of flowering, based on information provided by local pollen warning services with direct reference to the local situation. Start of flowering is not to be equated with the beginning of the pollen season. When the start of flowering is achieved, the majority of the plants have the potential to release pollen, but only when weather conditions are favourable.

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Uwe E. Berger MBA und Mag. Dr. Katharina Bastl
medium-term forecast based on model and pollen data from Austria and surrounding countries
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