Situation and medium-term forecast for

Issued 12th of December 2019

Situation and medium-term forecast

Spaeth’s alder has not started its flowering period.
First low burden through early flowering hazel shrubs in climatically favored regions!

Spaeth’s alder (Alnus spaethii), a hybrid species between the East Asian alder (Alnus japonica) and the Caucasian alder (Alnus subcordata), can be found as ornamental plants in Austria. It usually starts flowering at the end of December and therefore causes first local burden around Christmas time. At the moment the catkins of Spaeth’s alder are still closed but may open in the next one or two weeks.

Even though the main flowering period of alder and hazel won’t start before mid January, low burden from hazel pollen might occur at climatically favored locations in eastern Austria (foehn areas).

But there is no reason to worry for the majority of pollen allergy sufferers, since those events are expected only locally!


We expect the readiness to flower for hazel inon
St. Pölten15.01.2020

Forecast from 12.12.2019
Note: The model results give an indication of the expected start of flowering, based on information provided by local pollen warning services with direct reference to the local situation. Start of flowering is not to be equated with the beginning of the pollen season. When the start of flowering is achieved, the majority of the plants have the potential to release pollen, but only when weather conditions are favourable.

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