Situation and medium-term forecast for

Issued 18th of July 2019

Situation and medium-term forecast

Burden from the flower of grasses is present especially at higher altitudes – weed pollen season is approaching!
The flower of grasses burdens still most at higher altitudes. The situation is more favourable for grass pollen allergy sufferers in the lowlands in general. A low to at most moderate burden prevails in the lowlands, valleys and basins. Grass pollen may be added due to long distant transport during winds from the North.
Ryegrass, Bermuda grass and crabgrasses flower among the grasses.

Corn fields are in flower and should be avoided by grass pollen allergy sufferers. Intense pollination has to be expected in proximity to flowering fields due to the remarkable size of corn pollen.
Dock and plantain flower and may burden in addition.

The season of weeds is approaching: The flower of mugwort will start for first individuals on occasion at favored sites especially in the East of Austria now. First pollen grains were already recorded in the eastern parts of Austria. Mugwort pollen will be only in traces and low concentrations in the air for now.

What else: The pollen spectrum contains pollen from the nettle and the goosefoot family in addition, which is of a low allergological importance.

The burden from fungal spores is favored with hot and humid weather. Moderate to high values are attained in the lowlands on a widespread scale. The burden decreases with the altitude.

Responsible for the content: and the Department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology of the Medical University Vienna, Research group aerobiology and pollen information
Uwe E. Berger MBA und Mag. Dr. Katharina Bastl
medium-term forecast based on model and pollen data from Austria and surrounding countries
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