Situation and medium-term forecast for

Issued 16th of May 2022

Situation and medium-term forecast

High burden caused by grass pollen!

The weather forecast predicts sunshine throughout the country with an exception for the middle of the week, where rainfalls are expected to arrive from the west. These rainfalls may reduce the allergenic burden shortly but from Wednesday onwards sunshine will lead to more intense burden quickly. Therefore, grass pollen allergy sufferers must expect moderate to local high allergenic burden throughout this week. Orchard and meadow grass but also false oat-grass and brome grasses are currently responsible for the grass pollen in the ambient air. More severe allergenic burden is expected especially at areas where the grasses haven not been mowed yet.

In addition to the grasses dock and plantain are flowering as well and may increase the allergenic burden for grass pollen allergy sufferers.

The flowering season of birch is ceasing. In most parts of the country the concentrations will not exceed low burden anymore.

Oak consumed most of its flowering potential but still causes moderate pollen concentrations. However, a decreasing trend can be detected as well.

The white flakes floating in the air are poplar wool, which itself does not irritate. It is just the seed and seed hair from poplar. However, irritation is often wrongly attributed to it because the occurrence of poplar wool usually coincides with grass pollination.

The “Sulphur sediment” is noticeable: Yellow sediment can be found on water surfaces, smooth surfaces and window panes. This sediment derives now from conifer pollen, which may be annoying, but does not cause an allergic burden.

What else: The pollen spectrum contains pollen of sedges, walnut, horse chestnut, mulberry, elderflower, cypresses and yews.

We expect the start of flowering of grasses inon
Wienready to flower
Eisenstadtready to flower
St. Pöltenready to flower
Linzready to flower
Salzburgready to flower
Innsbruckready to flower
Bregenzready to flower
Grazready to flower
Klagenfurtready to flower
Bozenready to flower
Münchenready to flower

Forecast from 16.05.2022
Note: The model results give an indication of the expected start of flowering, based on information provided by local pollen warning services with direct reference to the local situation. Start of flowering is not to be equated with the beginning of the pollen season. When the start of flowering is achieved, the majority of the plants have the potential to release pollen, but only when weather conditions are favorable.

Responsible for the content: and the Department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology of the Medical University Vienna, Research group aerobiology and pollen information
Uwe E. Berger MBA, Mag. Maximilian Bastl PhD and Lukas Dirr MSc
medium-term forecast based on model and pollen data from Austria and surrounding countries
reprint and publication in parts or completely is permitted only quoting the source

weather data and today´s forecasts based synoptic data: ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik)
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The current pollen load for Austria

Legende: 1 = Low, 2 = Moderate, 3 = High, 4 = Very High

birch (Betula)

Tuesday, 17. May
Wednesday, 18. May
Thursday, 19. May

plane tree (Platanus)

Tuesday, 17. May
Wednesday, 18. May
Thursday, 19. May

ash (Fraxinus)

Tuesday, 17. May
Wednesday, 18. May
Thursday, 19. May
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