Situation and medium-term forecast for

Issued 24th of February 2020

Situation and medium-term forecast

Bad weather hampers pollination!

Last weekend hazel pollen concentration reached moderate and alder pollen concentration climbed up to high levels of allergenic burden. Rainfalls will end this trend in the middle of the week and will bring a phase relief to pollen allergy sufferers.

Hazel and alder have now nearly depleted their catkins. Hence, their pollen concentrations and allergic symptom burden will be going down.

Scattered ash trees have started to flower and cause only locally low to moderate allergenic burden. In the coming days, the number of ashes reaching their readiness to flower will be increasing. The bloom of ash is very likely to start with the next phase of fair weather.

Pollen of cypresses and yews, elm, maple, poplar and willow are now common in the pollen spectrum.

We expect the readiness to flower for hazel inon
Vienna cityready to flower
Vienna Hohe Warteready to flower
Vienna Schwechat airportready to flower
Vienna Unterlaaready to flower

Forecast from 24.02.2020
Note: The model results give an indication of the expected start of flowering, based on information provided by local pollen warning services with direct reference to the local situation. Start of flowering is not to be equated with the beginning of the pollen season. When the start of flowering is achieved, the majority of the plants have the potential to release pollen, but only when weather conditions are favourable.

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Research group aerobiology and pollen information
Uwe E. Berger MBA, Mag. Maximilian Bastl PhD and Mag. Dr. Katharina Bastl
medium-term forecast based on model and pollen data from Austria and surrounding countries
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weather data and today´s forecasts based synoptic data: ZAMG (Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik)
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